Comprehensive Payroll Services

Save yourself the time-consuming and difficult task of managing your own payroll by relying on the trained and trustworthy payroll specialists here at our company. At Key Accounting Services, we are committed to providing unmatched payroll services. Thanks to this, your time will be freed up to concentrate on your business.



As the government introduces additional burdens on employers, many businesses are struggling to maintain their payroll in-house. In July 2022, the Harpur Trust v Brazel case concluded, with the Supreme Court ruling in favour of Brazel and establishing the 12.07% holiday pay calculation, which had been used by employers for many years, to no longer be acceptable. We have taken the necessary steps to accommodate this change and remain complaint with HMRC, using our software to make the correct calculations for you.

We also offer a comprehensive service regarding the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), ensuring that CIS is correctly deducted from subcontractors through payroll, and netting off any CIS suffered by your business to the amount payable to HMRC. Our experienced payroll team will help you maintain full compliance with all regulations and legislation, and notify you of any changes.




Whether you have one or 100 employees, we're able to offer a competitive payroll service which is tailored to meet your business' needs. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company, you’re sure to benefit. Making use of the latest payroll software, we run weekly, fortnightly, four-weekly, and monthly pay frequencies.

We offer an enhanced service to employers who require an electronic timesheet facility for their employees, which we use to easily and automatically process hours worked by zero contract and variable hours staff. We will:

  • Process the pay for the period from manual or electronic records
  • Email the payslips direct to employees (as required)
  • Provide payment information directly to the bank (if required)
  • Supply supporting documentation to you
  • Submit end-of-year information to HMRC
  • Be available to answer your PAYE questions
  • Handle all aspects of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Advise you of the amount of PAYE due to HMRC
  • Advise on pension contribution due to your provider, with the dates the payments are due


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