Producing Your Company Accounts

As a business owner, concentrating on performance and financial affairs is of the utmost importance. At Key Accounting Services, our fully qualified tax consultants expertly offer limited company accounts. We also specialise in helping companies by providing bookkeeping and tax returns.


Maintaining Compliance

Ensuring that your business remains compliant with legislation is critical, so it's essential that the records you present to HMRC and Companies House are accurate. At Key Accounting Services, we maintain high standards of records for all of our clients, and will identify and refer any discrepancies to you for clarification. When you receive your annual accounts, you'll be able to review your company's performance and financial standing.




Offering sound, professional advice, our tax consultants are on hand to help you. Our aim is to provide you with a bespoke service, ensuring the smooth operation of your business' tax and accounting affairs. We will:

  • Complete your Annual Accounts
  • Submit your Annual Accounts to Companies House
  • Calculate the company's tax position
  • Prepare and submit the Corporation Tax Return to HMRC
  • Ensure that only taxable income is included and all relevant expenses are claimed
  • Give clear advice on how to run a cost-effective company
  • Provide easy access to tax and accounting assistance


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