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Ensure your business succeeds in every aspect by turning to our reputable business. Key Accounting Services provides a wide range of first-rate bookkeeping solutions, tax returns, and accounting services. With a team of experts who are dedicated to this field, you can rest assured knowing that your needs are met.





These days, there are very few companies that can afford in-house accounting departments. Thanks to our expertise, we're able to fill this gap. We provide an assortment of services that give you a clear and accurate picture of your business' financial health. Your business needs you, so why not let our specialists process all the paperwork for you? Using the latest accounting software, we offer a reliable service, keeping you informed on the performance of your business at all times. We will:

  • Process your paperwork at agreed frequencies
  • Reconcile your bank accounts
  • Produce your Profit and Loss/Balance Sheet (as required)
  • Discuss the business performance and produce reports
  • Keep you informed of business trends
  • Be available to answer your taxation, business, and accounting questions



For those looking to manage their own bookkeeping, but haven't quite got to grips with the complexities of accounting software, our practice can provide you with quality software training from our online accounting experts. With years of experience using Sage Accounting, Xero, QuickBooks and Dext, you'll gain all the necessary knowledge to effectively manage your business records. We offer in-person training sessions, and online training sessions via Zoom, and all of our sessions will be tailored to suit your business and its needs.



Do you long for greater control over your company's finances? If you do, but you don't quite have the bookkeeping background or time for software training, look no further than our highly regarded business. Sage Accounting, Xero and QuickBooks are the perfect bookkeeping packages for small business owners, including limited companies. They are safe and simple, and come with 24/7 support from qualified professionals.

Gaining access to your online bookkeeping packages has never been easier. They can be operated via desktop, tablet, or mobile, and you don't need to install or back up anything.




Become more organised and run your business effectively by collaborating with us. As your Sage Accounting, Xero and QuickBooks accountant, we're able to access your data in real-time to make sure your records are accurate and compliant. We can enter any adjustments needed or run management reports. We can also manage your VAT returns and submit them on your behalf. There are tools to help you run every aspect of your business' accounts.



Inputs and outputs, zero rated, exempt, standard rate, flat rate – all this can be a very complex minefield. When you're not quite sure what's best for you, allow our experts to deal with VAT on your behalf. No matter the business you're in, once you reach or start to reach that sales threshold a whole new world of VAT opens to you. Rather than spend hours sweating over the quarterly return, pass the papers to us and we will take the VAT headache away.

We will:

  • Process your paperwork at agreed frequencies
  • Handle your VAT Returns
  • File VAT Returns online to HMRC
  • Produce business reports or forecasts as required
  • Keep you informed of the financial performance of your business
  • Correspond with HMRC on your behalf


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